Before Beloit

Going from a school with 100 kids (small private international school in China,) to 1,000 (a public school in Colorado, USA), I knew I wanted to go to a smaller college.

Participated heavily in theater and technical production, which made me realize I didn’t want to go into theater post-graduation.

Knowing I wanted a small school with diverse subjects, I applied to liberal arts colleges across the US; out of all them, Beloit offered the best financial aid.

Year 1

Joined Clubs and Organizations Oversight (COO) as part of Beloit Student Government committee

Supplemented my time on campus by giving back to the community and volunteering off campus at a local food pantry and local food bank.

Awarded the Field Experience Grant, which allowed me to participate in a summer internship working for a solar non-profit and explore my interests in renewable energy.

"[I joined COO because] I wanted to make a difference on the campus. Although it primarily focused on designating funding for clubs, I felt COO could act as a forum for encouraging cross-organization interaction. "

Year 2

Hired as an Assessment and Planning analyst for the college to provide a more accurate representation of Beloit College in the higher education marketplace. Granted the job because of my internship through the Duffy course.

Elected treasurer and co-president of the Green Team, a student-run sustainability club on campus. 

Met Professor Pablo Toral through Beloit’s Outdoor Environmental Club and took his environmental policy course.

Presented my research on a consulting report for the Friends of the Boundary Waters program in Minnesota through Professor Pablo Toral 's course

"By joining Green Team, I was able to experience leadership while expanding my network and pursue my personal interests while investing in community development."

Year 3

Elected COO Director after working my way up through the executive positions through the course of my time at Beloit, giving me valuable leadership experience and improved soft skills such as negotiating.

Worked as a marketing intern for a Beloit firm

Chose not to graduate early because I didn’t feel ready to leave.

"At my internship, I was able to conduct research, write reports, and present my analyses to improve internal and external marketing, while applying the skills I learned in my courses while supplementing my knowledge with real-world experience."

Year 4

Took the fall semester off  for an internship at a consulting firm in Chicago that assists nonprofits and colleges.

"I initially worked in the coaching department, but later I was invited back to continue working in their finance department. I had learned about the opportunity through a Beloit alum."

After Beloit

Applying for an analyst job because I find value in providing value for a firm, but because of my desire to give back to the community, finding an analyst job for a firm that gives back would be even better.

Considering applying for jobs in the renewable energy field to further build off of my experiences with sustainability at Beloit.