Before Beloit

Took 3 years of Italian in high school.

Learnt that language was my favorite subject and that led me to continue my curiosity in college later in life.

Originally planned to major in Anthropology.

“I saw the Logan Museum on Beloit’s website and saw how renowned Beloit was for the major and that is why I ultimately chose Beloit”


Year 1

Auditioned to the Chamber Singers, where I studied the choral literature and history and development of musicianship. 

Applied for the Venture Grant (ultimately didn’t get it) but still rounded up the funds to travel to Ecuador that summer, which changed my life!

“[Freshman year] is a great time to explore academically, socially and personally; the rest will be for nailing down your primary interests”

Year 2

Declared my major - International Political Economy - halfway through this year

Gave a presentation at the International Symposium as I reflected on my experience working with a non-profit in the Cloud Forest region of Ecuador last summer. 

Year 3

Studied abroad in Poland while taking a variety of courses including a behavioral economics course that was the basis for my International Symposium in 2016.

Did market research on the chocolate industry, learnt to rock climb, learnt basic German, traveled to many countries and met people from both in and outside the EU during my time abroad.

“I always knew I wanted to work in an international context.”


Year 4

Declared my minor in Anthropology

Conducted and presented my research on Polish Immigrants in Chicago saving behavior which started from a Research Design class, thanks to the non-parametric data analysis skills learnt in Leslie Williams’ class, and the help of the Anthropology department.

Became an intern at Beloit Health System through Duffy Partnership Program, where I used Econometrics skills I learnt with Professor Jermaine Moulton to conduct research, analyze costs and influence market share. The Duffy Program Internship is weaved into a class curriculum is genius stepping stone for students who may feel lost in terms of navigating applying for internships

“Learning hard skills that can apply to social and cultural themes and challenges was what helped me ultimately land my career...”


After Beloit

Got my first job as a Research Associate, directing research projects for the Drinks and Tobacco industries.

Got offered a position as Fulbright Teaching Assistant in Indonesia where I not only provide important lessons on cross-cultural differences, but I also engage in fully immersive experiences in order to learn the host language and culture.

Landed my full-time position as Research Analyst at Euromonitor International, where I continued to contribute to Euromonitor's wide pool of expertise through press interviews and conference presentations for the Northern Latin American region.

“The liberal arts experience was pivotal for being adaptable in any job, which led to me choosing to spend a year teaching English in Indonesia and coming back to do market research.”