Before Beloit

Played soccer and really liked my econ class. I don’t remember a ton of high school, honestly. I think college is much more where you start to develop into the person you’re going to be and where your interests really take hold.

Felt that Beloit pushes you to think differently about the world around you. At the time I didn’t want a standard experience. I think there’s a culture at Beloit that pushes you to have an opinion and understand the world around you and I think that’s really valuable.


Year 1

Joined the cross-country team because I thought the uniforms looked cool. It ended up leading to a lifetime of being a distance runner which came with innumerable highs and lows both in college and afterwards; but which I think has molded me greatly.

Year 2

Declared a double major in Economics & Management and Political Science. I knew I intended to major in economics since high school and I loved the econ classes at Beloit.

Year 3

Read many books outside the curriculum that were recommended by Professor John Rapp of the Political Science department. It was the first time I remember thinking about new ideas and it really opened my eyes to how much cool stuff there is to learn out there.

Year 4

Started the job hunt and I have to say I’ve had a lot of help from the Beloit network through the years. Beloit is small enough and tight enough that the community is really special.

"Any time I meet another Beloiter it’s always a great moment. Any time I find a Beloiter working somewhere I’m interested in, they are always more than happy to help out!"


After Beloit

Worked as a research assistant and built economic models for the department of transportation in Oregon through the 2009 financial crisis, which was an interesting job.

Currently working as a marketing strategist at Amazon, and I specialize in brand management.

"I aim to increase consumer recognition of the brand and set it apart from competitors by molding the concept to appeal to a target audience. Brand management is multifaceted and incorporates elements of psychology, graphic design, and finance. I enjoy seeing brands come to life and observing the products my colleagues and I have worked on in the wild (or on grocery shelves)."