Before Beloit

Enrolled in numerous “honors” classes where I was surrounded by engaged groups of students that encouraged learning at a high level; such academic drive and passion became something I looked for in a college and found in Beloit.

Developed an interest in economics and business through my active involvement in DECA and business courses.

Decided to try and play baseball in college, the sports enthusiast that I was, which led to me looking at Division 3 schools like Beloit.

Year 1

Attended Beloit College with the intention of majoring in an economics-related field.

Played on Beloit College’s baseball team as a pitcher, spending time as both a starter and a reliever during my four years with the team.

Lived in 609, an all freshman dorm, where I was able to spark friendships that lasted throughout all four years of college with students who I otherwise may never have crossed paths with during my time at Beloit.

“Professors, especially at Beloit, want their students to succeed and grow, and the students engaging in the classroom and outside the classroom will be the key to students getting the most from every class. We too often are afraid to ask for guidance or help, especially from professors, coaches, bosses, etc., but doing so can help us grow faster or in ways we might not otherwise.”

Year 2

Declared my Business Administration major after deciding that the courses for the degree were more aligned with my interests than the Economics major.

Took Professor Jerry Gustafson’s Intro to Entrepreneurship course, where I, inspired by my grandmother, began a pie selling business called Pat’s Pies, which continues to operate to this day.

"Professor Jerry Gustafson, who was instrumental in my interest in entrepreneurship, found ways to instill confidence and encourage growth by supporting me in any way he could, and provided valuable insights through both his own lectures and those of guest speakers - who were often his former classmates or students."

Year 3

Supervised and assisted fellow college students as a Residential Assistant.

Joined the What is Social Excellence (WISE) Foundation and as part of organization-led activities - where I often met with community members and facilitated meaningful conversations about important aspects of communities, businesses, and other facets of society.

Participated in Duffy Partnerships during the spring, where I interned at Fairbanks Morse Engine and worked with the production control department to try and increase efficiency on large projects.

Selected as the winner of the John Hughes entrepreneur of the year award due to my success selling pies as part of my business, Pat’s Pies, in which I made around $2,000 in profits.

Year 4

Interned at Northwestern Mutual as a financial representative over the summer leading up to my senior year, an opportunity that arose after I attended the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization conference in Chicago with Brian Morello and other students.

Worked as an intern for Marco Consulting Group as part of an Associated Colleges of the Midwest semester entrepreneurship program; there I completed a project using their Bloomberg terminal, such experience proving highly valuable when I applied for jobs after graduation.

Stayed in a house off campus with some of my baseball teammates and some members of the men’s soccer team, making memories hosting friends and family for social gatherings. 

After Beloit

Hired as a research analyst for Alpine Bank & Trust after graduating thanks to my experience as a teller in high school and on breaks from college.

Employed as a Portfolio Manager and Partner for Heritage Way Advisors, LLC. The owner of Heritage Way Advisors was formerly my little league coach, and eventually I connected with him and was offered a position with the firm.

Obtained the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation, allowing me to fulfill my dream of working directly with clients while continuously improving my presentation skills and learning more about the various aspects of the financial industry such as how to best help clients.