Before Beloit

Participated in theater, art, sports, and National Honor Society as I wanted to try out different interests.

Enjoyed bicycling in nature - I grew up in a log cabin in the woods.

Visited Beloit College where the staff knew me by name and students stopped and asked if I had questions or needed directions - it felt like a place I could call home so I decided to become a Beloiter!


Year 1

Started designing posters for the Theatre Marketing Club (now called BITE - Beloit Independent Theatre Experience) led by Professor Amy Sarno and discovered my passion for design. 


Year 2

Declared a major in Studio Art as I had always been passionate about art and I wanted to further channel my creative side. 

Decided to major in Business Administration (now Business Economics) as business and sales appealed to me - I had previously worked in a movie theater/video store and had also sold shoes for commission.

Year 3

Dived into the Economics department’s business and community initiatives - I led Belmark Associates, (market research firm run by students)  and supported Visit Beloit (Beloit’s tourism bureau) under the guidance of Professor Jeff Adams

Supported Professor Jerry Gustafson in nurturing professionalism among creatives through entrepreneurial coursework, I also attended the Self-Employment in the Arts conferences. 

Started a summer business internship at Orlandi (manufacturer of scented products), which I obtained through Beloit alumni and Professor Jeff Adams. This kickstarted my business and consulting career!

“Be fearless in who you talk to. Networking is not about big events and handing out business cards, it’s about 20-min coffee chats where you ask people about their lives, hopes, and dreams to understand if what they do is interesting to you and make suggestions on how you might help them. And people want to talk, especially to students.”


Year 4

Challenged myself with a senior-level Graphic Design course with Professor George Williams. The course firmly rooted my love of communicating messages and experiences through visual design.

Aided Professor Jerry Gustafson in founding and managing the Center for Entrepreneurship (CELEB) to provide other students with a route to pursue entrepreneurship in arts, music or traditional start-ups!

Worked with real clients during my graphic design courses, this taught me about listening to people’s needs and translating them into creative vision. Pairing that with the business learnings helped me adapt and succeed in varied industries and functions later in my consulting career.


After Beloit

Continued working for Orlandi in sales, accounts, and development strategy. I later obtained an MBA from New York University

Currently working as an Associate Partner at IBM. I consult for enterprises in various industries to help reshape how they operate and interact with consumers.

Leading large and complex teams, I work with C-Suite executives to rethink their strategies around digital engagement.

"My success depends on my ability to absorb the ideas of deep technical experts, digest it into insights that solve business problems, and create customer and business value."