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Aaron Bauhs '05

Aaron's hybrid interests in Studio Art and Economics lead him to a career as an Associate Partner at IBM, designing strategies that solve business problems, and create business value.


Andrei Prikhodko '20

Andrei is a hard-working, two-sport athlete with a willingness to go above and beyond the expectations he set for a well-rounded academic, athletic, and personal development.


Beryl Sybil “Kikie” Odonkor '20

“Coming to Beloit and taking classes outside of my comfort zone helped me see that I could still do well academically in subjects I had never studied before. It helped to build my confidence tremendously"

Bradley Star '19

Bradley, who was heavily involved in the writing scene at Beloit, is now a producer for USA Today Network - Wisconsin where he marries his two majors by writing stories in business journalism.

Britta Johnson '19

"Beloit College is a school that will allow you to spread your wings and fly. Beloit College graduates are informed, active, and thoughtful human beings rather simple college graduates."

Caleb Nghe '19

Caleb is a data analyst working in the field of renewable energy, building off of his experiences with sustainability at Beloit, and his desire to give back to the community.


Catherine Krol '17

“The liberal arts experience was pivotal for being adaptable in any job, which led to me choosing to spend a year teaching English in Indonesia and coming back to do market research.”

Corinne Wiesner '14

Corinne, who switched gears and committed to an Environmental Microbiology PhD program, found lifelong mentorship with Beloit faculty was incredibly crucial and valuable to her career decisions.


Elom Goka '14

Elom's ability to explain complex ideas in simple terms, especially from his tutoring days at Beloit, translate seamlessly to his current role as a Data Scientist

Garrett Moore '20

Garrett was an extremely active athlete and student, who was inspired by an alum he met at Econ Day to try out corporate finance. And he did!


Georgia Armitage '19

"At Beloit, students didn’t just listen to a lecture. We were actively engaging in case studies, thinking critically and actually trying to solve a real world problem"

Henry Jacobsen '19

“Beloit’s national ranking among liberal arts colleges caught my eye. The more I researched about liberal arts colleges, the more I became convinced that Beloit was a top choice.” 


Joseph Weishaar '03

Joseph is the Director of Asset Management at an affordable housing firm in NYC, whose interest was fuelled by various involvement with city development projects in his time at Beloit College


Linh Anh Le '20

Linh Anh was an all-around, high-achieving student who was passionate about providing international students at Beloit College access to personal and professional development opportunities.

Martin Dieterich '07

“You’ll meet amazing people and learn things that will blow your mind and get to join in so many of the shared experiences that make Beloit a magical place."


Nicole Dolcimascolo '20

Nicole was an International Political Economy and Sociology Double Major during her time at Beloit, and graduated with honors in both fields. 

Patrick McKnight '14

Patrick currently works in the financial services industry, while operating a pie selling business called Pat’s Pies - which started from an idea in an Entrepreneurship course his 2nd year at Beloit.


Quinton Purves '19

“...take advantage of all the networking events that Beloit College has to offer. The alumni are very supportive and the connections you make will open up so many doors for you."

Ryan Sughroue '18

Ryan current role as a Insurance Underwriter really focus on the ability to critcially think and problem solve to succeed - the same skills that Beloit College emphasises in all of its classes.

Scott Fuchs '19

"I met and became close friends with people from all over the world. I am still regularly in touch with my best friends from Beloit. The people are what truly makes Beloit great!"


Sian Cunningham '16

Sian was incredibly involved in almost all aspects of a Beloit residential education - sport, music, dance, languages, Greek life, community learning, you name it!

Thu Pham-Nelson '12

"Currently, at eBay, I am on the council of Diversity and Inclusion Committee besides my eight-hour marketing work. When organizing and promoting events for 500+ employees, I look back at my time at Beloit and realize I was doing the same thing!"

Tom Slusher '12

"The Artificial Intelligence course I took my sophomore year explored AI from philosophical, computational, and cultural lenses, which felt like Beloit wrapped up into a course"

Trudy Pham '14

"Professor Jeff Adams wrote me a very thoughtful and candid recommendation letter when I applied to MIT.. sometimes, you just need somebody who believes in you, to open up many doors in life."


Zach Draus '15

"Took Life & Financial Planning with Professor Warren Palmer [which] solidified, in my mind, why Beloit College was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made."