Before Beloit

Played football, lacrosse, and joined the wrestling team

Prepared myself for the college curriculum by taking higher-level AP and Honors courses.

Chose Beloit for the academic rigor, mentorship from faculty, and vast extra-curricular opportunities.

Year 1

Became a varsity athlete - I was very excited to compete at the division three level in Football and Lacrosse. Go BUCS!

“Try to keep an open mind about life in general. In addition, I think choosing Beloit offers a very unique opportunity to explore interests you might not have the opportunity to try again. I would advise students to take full advantage of all the great things Beloit has to offer!”

Year 2

Declared Economics major

Joined Belmark Associates, (market research firm run by students) where I contributed to surveys and market research projects for various clients

Joined Sigma Chi (Alpha Zeta). Juggling academics, social life, extra curriculars, and athletics taught me that I can achieve so much when I put my mind to it. My time management skills improved greatly.

Year 3

Accepted into the Duffy Program (sociology course paired with off-campus internship).

Interned at Hendricks Commercial Properties (real estate company in Beloit), where I learned about investment, development, and leasing processes.

Interned at Kerry Group (a global food and ingredients company) the following semesgter, where I improved my data analysis skills looking at market trends in the food industry.

"Both internships were monumental in preparing me for a career in business development."

Year 4

Won team MVP in Football and was named Lacrosse captain. Having my athletic ability recognized was very rewarding and my coaches, especially Coach Rashad Devoe (lacrosse) and Coach Kyle Langhoff (football) taught me to work hard and to go above and beyond the expectations I set for myself in academies, athletics, and as a person.

Promoted to Senior Associate at Belmark Associates, where I oversaw student teams, set project goals, and improved my leadership skills

After Beloit

Accepted into the Early Career Leadership Program at Belden Inc., a three year, cohort-based development plan for recent graduates.

Learned about the opportunity from my advisor Professor Laura Grube and a Beloit econ alum who works at Belden. After a rigorous interview process involving an on-site interview and case study in Indiana, I got the offer!

Lead multi-functional teams and make decisions to drive a business division forward within Belden Inc.