Before Beloit

Attended a small, private, competitive and academically rigorous boarding school in Accra Ghana where I took a lot of STEM classes due to my desire to enter the medical field

Wanted to expand my experiences beyond STEM, I applied to liberal arts colleges, including Beloit.

Chose Beloit because of its location, financial aid, and small class sizes that would allow me to engage with the material and have direct access to professors.

Year 1

Unsure of what I wanted to study, I explored subjects Beloit had to offer like psychology, political science, Grecian classics, amongst others.

Acclimating to college was easier thanks to the many opportunities to stay active and meet new people: I worked for the Office of Development and Alumni Relations and  joined clubs like Black Students United and International Students Club.

Visited the Career and Community Engagement Center for advice on writing resumes, internship applications, and networking to get a head start on my personal and career development.

Year 2

Wanting to be a student leader and provide guidance for incoming freshmen and other peers, I worked for Student Engagement and Leadership as an Orientation Leader and Residential Life as a Residential Assistant.

Attended an economics course to fulfill a domain requirement and although challenging I found I enjoyed it.

Declared my economics major after friends, professors, and advisors all encouraged me to consider career opportunities within the field.

“Coming to Beloit and taking classes outside of my comfort zone helped me to see that I could still do well academically in subjects I perhaps hadn’t studied before. It helped to build my confidence as a student and prepared me for the rest of my time at Beloit!” 


Year 3

Hired for two new jobs as a Development Student Ambassador and a Financial Services Office Assistant.

Granted an internship through the Center for Entrepreneurship as a Program Coordinator; this allowed me to engage more with the Beloit Campus and Community and to develop leadership and management skills.

Networked with alumni and professors at Econ Day and earned an opportunity to work as an accounting intern with a tax firm in Georgia, USA.

“It’s important to surround yourself with like minded people [...] By building those connections and finding people with the same interests and goals, you can build up one another’s energy and be supportive while simultaneously having a good time.”


Year 4

Maintained my jobs while additionally being a teacher’s assistant for Beloit’s Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance course.

Led a networking seminar with two other economic seniors; shared my experiences in developing my own networking skills at the Career and Community Engagement Center with other econ majors and helped prepare them for Econ Day.

Worked as a teacher’s assistant for the economics course Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance.

“You’re independent but still somewhat sheltered from the real world while in college, so it’s important that while you still have this framework of support you focus on building your character, your mind, your professional career development, and set yourself up to succeed in both your personal and academic life.”


After Beloit

Returned to the tax firm in Georgia for another accounting internship over the summer, giving me more opportunities to build my experience and skills in the field.

Applying for positions in accounting assistance and financial analysis because I enjoyed the courses at Beloit and feel I have developed the soft skills necessary to get my foot in the door (team work, flexible thinking, networking, etc.).

Have the goal of gaining more technical knowledge and experience from future employers, in order to build off of the skills and knowledge foundation Beloit has given me.