Before Beloit

Was a part of diving team, Youth in Government, National Honor Society, Student Council.

Took Spanish classes.

"I narrowed my list down to schools that were written about in the book "Colleges that Change Lives". I wanted a small liberal arts school that was different from the norm. I also wanted a school that wasn't only made up of students from the Midwest. I found Beloit College to have all of these 'requirements'. The quirky-ness and 'just try it out!' attitude of Beloit was perfect for me. I wanted a school that would stretch me."

Year 1

Ran for a position in the Beloit Student Government (BSG).

Attended ElectHer conference in Rockford, Illinois.

Spent my Spring Break on a trip organized by The Outdoor Environmental Club (OEC) in Denver, Colorado, where I installed solar panels onto residents' homes.

"OEC trip was completely student led. We received funding from the Funding Board, food from Commons, and rented a van from the school. This trip is an example of one of the many things that Beloit College does well - if students take initiative, the school will do what it can to make the experience possible."

*A fellow Beloit College student and myself on Solar Spring Break in 2016 // L to R: Clare Langhan ‘19, myself

Year 2

I declared International Political Economy and Spanish as majors, Political Science as minor.

Joined the Cross Country team.

Became the tour guide for Admissions Office.

Became Teaching Assistant for Principles of Economics taught by Professor Laura Grube.
*The Senior Cross Country teammates in the fall of 2018 // L to R: Alex Villegas ‘19, Sophia Miliotis ‘19, Daniel Arkes ‘19, myself, Nico Enicio ‘19, Jamie Manchen ‘19

Year 3

I joined Belmark Associates, a student run market research firm at Beloit Collge. Here, I worked on a project for a small shoe company startup, in which I investigated different ways the company could go into the market and achieve its goal.

Joined the Academic Senate as a representative for my class, where I voiced my thoughts to faculty and staff about issues such as the school's budget, faculty salary, website designs, etc.

I interned at Her Justice, a law firm in New York City. This experience was made possible by the Career And Community Engagement Center, who sponsored my living expense through Common Grant.

Studied abroad in Alicante, Spain.

"Studying abroad was both the most scary thing that I had done as well as being the most rewarding. Beloit College prides itself in assuring all major tracks can have the opportunities to study abroad - that is special and deeply important."

Year 4

I became Teaching Assistant for Accounting and Business Finance taught by Professor Diep Phan.

Attended the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) in Washington D.C.

"As a senior, Professor Laura Grube and Professor Diep Phan alerted me to many job opportunities within the economics field. Even as a graduate, I continue to receive correspondence from professors about fabulous job opportunities."

*Graduation day 2019 with my best friend since day one at Beloit College  // L to R: Valley StipeMaas ‘19, myself

After Beloit

Post COVID-19, I worked in Burgos, Spain as an English language and culture assistant in a secondary school through the Auxiliares de conversación Program, where I taught lessons on American cultures.

"Beloit College is a school that will allow you to spread your wings and fly. Beloit College graduates are informed, active, and thoughtful human beings rather simple college graduates. If you want to immerse yourself with other quirky, innovative, passionate, and clever students, Beloit is a place for you!"