Before Beloit

Completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) program in high school; it is a rigorous educational program which requires hard work and discipline in your studies to succeed. These qualities were instilled in me by going through the program and I carried that into my college experience. 

Volunteered as a tutor for elementary school students and realized I really enjoyed teaching. 

Played sports (mostly basketball) and sang in the school choir. Doing these things provided a healthy balance for the rigors of school work.  

Looked for a liberal arts program as I wanted the freedom to explore different areas of study. Alumni from my high school knew of Beloit’s strong educational program and this led me to choose Beloit College. 


Year 1

Continued tutoring as a volunteer for the Academic Pathways Ministry and the Upward Bound Program (federally-funded TRIO program to prepare high school students for college). The experiences prepared me for the 1-year teaching position I had at a high school after graduating from Beloit College.

Declared an Economics major during the spring semester.


Year 2

Knew I enjoyed math so I declared a Mathematics major.

Learned to think logically especially in Professor Bob Elder’s mathematical economics classes and Emeritus Professor Ranjan Roy’s mathematics classes. 

Worked on an econometrics project to identify what factors were significant in affecting the likelihood of a National Basketball Association (NBA) team winning a game. After graduating from Beloit, when I decided I wanted to pursue data science as a profession, I used this project as a talking point in interviews for admission into graduate school. 

"Bob’s Econometrics class gave me a taste into what data science was like (which is what I do professionally now) though at the time I did not know it was data science."

Year 3

Enjoyed tutoring, which gave me experience in figuring out how to explain complex ideas in simple ways, and has proved useful in my current role as a Data Scientist in the corporate world. 

“For students majoring in Economics or Math,  I would strongly suggest learning one of the following programming languages: SQL, R, or Python. In general, knowing of one these languages will significantly increase your chances of getting an analyst position. 


Year 4

Was not sure exactly what I wanted to do - I applied for several analyst positions in the financial field but did not get any jobs. I therefore decided to apply for math teaching positions given that I tutoring/teaching was something I enjoyed doing in college and high school.

Accepted a position to teach AP Statistics at a high school for a year and during that period, through research, I decided I wanted to pursue data science professionally.


After Beloit

Decided to get a master’s degree from the Institute for Advanced Analytics at North Carolina State University. 

Currently working as a Data Scientist at Florida Blue. I create predictive models to identify at risk customers and refer them to a team of nurses who assist in the management of  the health of these customers. 

"For graduate school programs, the big name schools may not necessarily have the best educational program for your field of interest so it is very important to do thorough research and not just apply to a school based on how popular it is. "