Before Beloit

Debate team, choir, spinning wool, French Honors Society

“I wanted to go somewhere where I could actually talk with professors. Professors are fun people and more likely to challenge/help you if you know them. I also wanted to engage with subject materials. I didn’t want to learn history; I wanted to DO history. I didn’t want to learn economics; I wanted to DO economics.”

Year 1

Signed up for voice lessons

Year 2

Declared my 1st Major as History

Year 3

Declared my 2nd Major as International Political Economy

Studied Off-campus at the Newberry Library in Chicago, where I got to do history, digging through an uncatalogued church archive to write a thesis that eventually earned me honors in history. With the support of Professor Ellen Joyce, I presented the thesis at Beloit on Symposium Day 
"Professor Diep Phan, Professor Laura Grube, and Professor Ellen Joyce all helped me find opportunities. Ellen pointed me in the direction of an internship at the Rock County Historical Society"


Year 4

Performed for Night on Broadway

Worked on the Economics Senior Thesis where I examined the impact of remittances on children’s test scores in Vietnam.  

"Professor Phan let me do the [Economics Senior Thesis], even though I didn’t have any experience using the statistical software necessary. She guided me through the research and, ultimately, I presented my work at a conference!”

After Beloit

Currently work as a Research Assistant at State Oregon Law Library. My day to day work is a combination of empirical research projects, historical blog posts, and miscellaneous library work.

It’s been extremely exciting, because aim to improve legal resources for adults in custody, and helping write about the new legal resource system and investigate it fascinates me.

"My professors gave me amazing opportunities to learn and grow inside and outside their classes. They challenged me -- do this, try that. I learned how to learn and how to think about questions from multiple angles -- both things that I use in my current job.”