Before Beloit

Involved in many leadership roles very early on: being a class representative, Orientation Leader for Ten Plus Program, director for a school play, etc.

Coming out of high school, I grew as a person. I learned to communicate with people from different backgrounds, practice presenting myself as a team player and a group leader, and was highly aware of my role and responsibilities with my society.

“Even though you are not yet sure what you want to do in the future, it is okay. Try to stay focused and put all your heart in everything you are committed to”


Year 1

Declared both of my majors - Quantitative Economics and Education & Youth Studies

Founded Beloit International Students Career Services organization (BISCS), making professional career building and resources tailored for international students more accessible

“Jessica Fox Wilson - the Director of Career Development at Career & Community Engagement Center - connected me with two other Beloiters who later became the other two BISCS co-founders, and my lifelong special friends”


Year 2

Organized Global Beloiters through BISCS - a panel discussion and networking opportunity that connects current international students with international alumni, whom we flew in from all across the world.

Took Quantitative Methods with Professor Jermaine Moulton - which introduces me to Data Analytics and sparks my interest in this promising field.

Became involved (and more proficient) in a lot more analytical tasks as an Research Assistant for both the Economics Department and the Education & Youth Studies Department



Year 3

Attended Econ Day which help me secure a Data Analyst internship at Chicago Public Schools through a conversation with an alumni

Became the RA for an upperclassmen dorm, facilitating 27 residents, and act as a liaison between residents and the college administration

Year 4

Interned at Hendricks CareerTek through the Duffy Partnership Program, where I conducted interviews, learned about vocational training and work preparation for young students from grade 6 to 12.

Presented the result of my research about Child mortality in Vietnam at Student Symposium, with the help of professor JingJing Lou and professor David Segura of the Education & Youth Studies Department.

Finished my double major degree one semester early and focus on searching for job in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic.

“I appreciate that professors at Beloit allowed me opportunities to pursue the topics that are meaningful to me and always challenge me intellectually.”

After Beloit

Currently working as an Impact Analyst at Morgridge Family Foundation, where I focus on program monitoring and evaluation particularly for philanthropy

“If you want to be an Economics major, Beloit is one of the best places to do so. We have excellent professors who care about you personally, a strong alumni network and awesome programs such as Econ Day, CELEB, Belmark that I am sure they suit you well.”