Before Beloit

Heavily involved in athletics, played football, basketball, and rudby

A member of the Key Club, which focused on community service

“I wanted to continue playing. I thought my best opportunity to play was at Beloit which played a large role in why I chose Beloit. I also received a generous financial aid package that made it easier on my family as we were considered low income at the time. It wasn’t until after I committed to Beloit that I learned it was a great academic school with a prestigious record.”

Year 1

Joined the Football Team and played until mysophomore year, until I had to leave due to serious injuries

Earned my first Dean’s list award

“Making the Dean’s list every semester is something that I am very proud of during my time at Beloit College. I took my studies seriously and managed to have fun with the people I surrounded myself with.”

Year 2

Joined Sigma Chi Fraternity

Declared Business Economics as my major and Political Science as my minor

“...take advantage of all the networking events that Beloit College has to offer. The alumni are very supportive and the connections you make will open up so many doors for you. Whether it's an internship that you're looking for or advice on what graduate school to go for, Alumni from Beloit have always been open to lending me a helping hand.”

Year 3

Undertook a special project with professor Rongal Watson to create a solution to the training of Emergency personnel

Presented the research results to the faculty and city councilmen

Year 4

Interned at Northwestern Mutual and earned the Top Intern Award for the KosnickDistrict

“I didn’t even know what a financial advisor did but I was looking to pad my resume at the time and when I learned that it was a top ten internship, I took the position. I found a lot of success, even earning the Top Intern for the Kosnick District and was offered a Full Time position once I graduated.”

After Beloit

Work as a Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual

“I meet with people of all ages and backgrounds to create comprehensive financial plans for people so that they can achieve their personal goals while being financially secure. I typically call people I’ve been referred to in order to set appointments, work on building analysis and financial plans for people, and run the internship program at the Janesville office.”