Ryan Sughroue '18
Ryan Sughroue '18

Before Beloit

What were some of your high school experiences that helped shape you and prepared you for college?
During my high school years, I played sports all 4 years and was involved in several extra-curricular activities such as the National Honor Society and Math Club. I enjoyed being busy and learned the importance of extracurriculars - it is okay to have more than one interest or hobby!

What drew you to Beloit College?
I was looking for a college where I could get a good education, play sports, and participate in various extracurriculars. Beloit College allowed me to pursue all of my interests simultaneously, which is the reason why it stood out to me.

Do you have any advice for students currently making their decisions?
Choosing the right school is a stressful and challenging decision, but getting it right the first time is also essential. Take advantage of the opportunities you have to visit the college, and don't be shy about asking questions on aspects that are important to you.

Year 1

What are some of your most memorable experiences at Beloit?
Joining the Beloit College Football team is one of the experiences I will never forget and always cherish. The coaches truly cared about the well-being of each player and encouraged us to be involved in other activities on campus. They would meet with us almost weekly throughout the year to see how we were doing in class and on campus and connect us with the resources we needed. I played football for all 4 years at Beloit! I also discovered friendships to a level I did not know was possible at Sigma Chi (Alpha Zeta) (fraternity on campus). We were able to help each other through hard times, enjoy fun times, and give back to the campus and community through philanthropy events.

Year 2

What were your areas of interest while you're at Beloit?
I have a profound interest in business and math and decided to declare a major in Economics. Aiding my knowledge and interest in Economics, becoming the manager of Belmark Associates (a market research firm run by students) was my first working experience. I learned to lead student projects and deliver values to the businesses we consulted. These opportunities at Beloit helped me to explore my interests further and enhance my skills.

Year 3

How did you leverage your interests and transition into professional life?
I had a chance to participate in the Duffy Partnerships program (a Sociology course paired with off-campus internships) that got me secured 2 internships during my time at Beloit. In my junior year, I interned at Hendricks Commercial Properties (a real estate company in Beloit) during my junior year and later at Kerry Ingredients (a global food and ingredients company) in my senior year. After these internships, not only did I obtain valuable industry knowledge, but I also learned to analyze and reflect on my hands-on experiences. Beloit College is a place where you can truly get involved in anything you are interested in. With the opportunities given, I was able to figure out what career paths I wanted to pursue.

Year 4

How did Beloit help you with your career development?
My professors helped immensely by looking over my resume and application materials. The professors and coaches at Beloit College take a genuine interest in students' well beings and help them succeed in any way possible. For me, Professor Laura Grube was instrumental in helping me take advantage of the opportunities Beloit College has to offer. Still, I know that other students will say the same about different professors on campus. During the summer before my senior year, I landed an internship at American Insurance Group (a global insurance company) and got offered a full-time position after.

After Beloit

What is your life like after graduation?
I continued working at American Insurance Group (AIG) as a Commercial Property Insurance Underwriter. My day-to-day tasks vary, but my role is to determine how much capacity we should deploy for a specific client and how much premium we should charge them for that capacity. We provide insurance for all types of industries, from manufacturing to real estate, so I am constantly learning how different companies operate and make their products. Beloit has prepared me well for this role because this is not a process-orientated job. It takes critical thinking and problem solving, which Beloit College emphasizes in all of my classes.