Before Beloit

Played baseball and coached some local teams. I honestly wish I would have done more looking back on it now.

Searched for a school where I could compete athletically as well as get a quality education.

Got recruited by Beloit but I actually ended up attending a different school...


Year 1

During my first year at the other school I realized it was the wrong choice and immediately connected with Beloit College again because I remembered how good I felt on my visit in high school.


Year 2

Joined the Baseball team and volunteered at Hackett Elementary School.

Took Introduction to Entrepreneurship with Professor Brian Morello - it’s actually incredible how often I think back to some of the lessons I learned in this course. I have always been entrepreneurial and have multiple endeavours going on right now. There are so many times where I’m working on something and I reference back to material I learned in this class.

Year 3

Earned the Palmer Environmental Economics Prize - a departmental award for my work in Environmental Economics with Professor Jermaine Moulton. If I’m being completely honest, the way Professor Moulton required work to be submitted really frustrated me when I started the class. However, as time went on I realized he was preparing us for the professional world and by paying attention to detail we were truly improving ourselves. He always expected a lot from us but was kind and helpful whenever we needed it. 

Began to compete for the track team and later ended up being the conference champion, breaking the school record, and becoming one of Beloit’s only NCAA All-Americans.

"I want to thank Coach Brian Bliese for ultimately changing my life by allowing me to compete on the track team with no prior experience and for being an unbelievable mentor and Kelly Harycki Routt for being the best athletic trainer I could ask for. She was a great help to me and always a funny and kind friend to talk to."

Year 4

Participated in the Duffy Program (sociology course paired with off-campus internship) with Professor Carol Wickersham, which helped me better understand what I wanted to do in the future. Health Economics with Professor Grube was eye-opening and explained a lot of concepts I had heard about but never understood before. 

Professor Diep PhanProfessor Carol Wickersham, and Professor Laura Grube helped me immensely both inside and outside the classroom. 

Wrote for the Round Table (student-run newspaper) and greatly enjoyed writing and communication. 

"I met so many great people and became close friends with people from all over the world. I am still regularly in touch with my best friends from Beloit and have been dating a girl I met when I first got to campus for almost four years now. The people are what truly makes Beloit great!"


After Beloit

Got recruited to compete at the Division I level at Iowa State University after my successful track career at Beloit.

Pursuing a Professional and Strategic Communications Master’s program at Iowa State (I knew I enjoyed this field through my diverse coursework at Beloit).

My ultimate goal would be to own and operate my own business. I’ve always been entrepreneurial and feel that is something I could be excited for every day. I love marketing, eCommerce, and social media so even if I’m not sure what my job will be yet, I know I want it to be in those fields.