Before Beloit

Played soccer on my high school team and participated in a Midwest traveling league where I played across the country. 

Performed in theater/musicals, band, and choir. This helped me understand my creative side, be present, and be less self-conscious.

Traveled to the Philippines, my birthplace, to visit my family and learn about the community. I was a 6th year English Language Volunteer Teaching Assistant and I audited high school classes. This sparked my interest in traveling and getting to know others of different backgrounds. 

Year 1

Continued to play soccer and joined the Track & Field team where I learned to physically challenge myself further and how to pole vault! 

Joined Theta Pi Gamma sorority on campus

Year 2

Performed dance routines in December Dance and Chelonia (student dance shows) where I was able to further showcase my creativity.

Declared a double major in International Political Economy, and Chinese Language & Culture - a unique combination that would allow me to connect with other cultures!

Year 3

Studied abroad in Kaifeng, China and then Hong Kong. While abroad, I hosted two campus events in Mandarin. Beloit College’s Center for Language Studies summer program was also instrumental in developing my proficiency in Mandarin. 

Volunteered for an NGO in Beijing that focused on raising awareness regarding women’s and LGBTQ+ rights through art and film. 

Year 4

Interned at Downtown Beloit Association - created a business development survey, and developed promotional videos for the associated businesses to expand their online presence. The Beloit Career & Community Engagement Center played a vital role in introducing me to and preparing me for the internship. 

Accepted into the Duffy Program (sociology course paired with off-campus internship). I interned at Kerry (a global manufacturer in the food and beverage industry) and fell in love with market and consumer research - uncovering the preferences, habits, and attitudes of consumers to better understand the choices they make, all in the context of a business. 

After Beloit

Interned at Kerry with the same team for the summer after graduating. Next, I was offered a full-time position, which I accepted! 

Currently working as a Marketing Insights & Strategy Specialist at Kerry. My typical work day fluctuates between different customer, business/technology, and strategic projects, as well as internal training and knowledge sharing. Projects can span from market/technology sizing and opportunity analysis, attitude & usage/concept primary consumer research, to flavor, health & wellness, and consumer trends analyses. Each project is never the same and I love the challenge that brings! 

"[...] try your hand at whatever events, activities, sports, organizations, and clubs spark even a little interest in you. College offers an amazing opportunity to not only position your professional course, but to also grow through the many experiences it enables.”