Before Beloit

Wanted to study abroad (I am an international student from Vietnam), but I wasn’t particularly looking for a liberal arts education as I was not familiar with the concept. Financial aid was crucial for me and Beloit offered me a lot of financial aid!

Studied English intensely and read a lot of non-fiction books on Behavioral Economics and Communications Theories. 


Year 1

Focused on making new friends. Before coming to the United States, I was advised to focus on study and coursework only; building relationships was not my priority. However, curiosity has always been my strength, and I dedicated my first year to making friends and attending events in and around campus. This helped me improve my English tremendously and immerse myself into what "liberal arts" means. 


Year 2

Honed my video-editing and production skills at BATV (TV broadcasting and media lab  in Beloit’s center for entrepreneurship) under Professor Dave Knutson. I produced talk shows, edited videos, and aired content on the local channel. Along with Professor Knutson, Professor Jerry Gustafson (Entrepreneurship) and Professor Amy Sarno (Media Studies) are mentors who were instrumental to my growth at Beloit, and after Beloit.


Year 3

Declared a double major in Economics and Media Studies - the perfect blend to continue my interest in economics and communications.

Pursued my interest in Chinese and declared a Chinese minor. When I was younger, I watched a lot of Chinese movies and fell in love with its history. I believe to understand the Vietnam history better, one should read about the Chinese history.

Led International Club and became a Resident Assistant (RA) on campus. Leading a diverse group of students, both in the I-club and my residential hall, exposed me to "on the job" the principles of diversity and inclusion.

"Currently, at eBay, I am on the council of Diversity and Inclusion Committee besides my eight-hour marketing work. When organizing and promoting events for 500+ employees, I look back at my time at Beloit and realize I was doing the same thing!"


Year 4

My senior year was all about finding jobs and internships. I went to college gatherings less and besides capstone projects, I spent at least 3 hours a day applying for jobs.

Offered two jobs before graduating. I accepted the offer from an ad agency in Dallas, Texas.


After Beloit

Got hired to assist a 3-person digital marketing team in Dallas where I worked with UI/UX designers to create YouTube banner ads for Procter & Gamble (P&G).

Moved on to New York City 6 months later to work for the digital department at Broadway theatre. 

Currently working as Communications Lead for Global Marketing organization at eBay. I report directly to the Chief of Staff and the CMO overlooking 500+ Marketing specialists at eBay.  My typical workday includes 60% meetings (leadership and strategy) and 40% business analysis. 

"In 2012, nobody knew what digital marketing REALLY was. In Marketing fields, you have MarComms (Marketing-Communications: lots of writing, Public Relations) and MarTech (Marketing Technology: lots of numbers, metric-tracking). As we are moving to almost 100% digital, let alone “big data” and AI, I see the gap between MarComms and MarTech and I want to marry these two disciplines together and this led me to pursue a career in Marketing."