Before Beloit

Enjoyed a variety of extra-curriculars in high school. I played soccer, sang in different choirs, and competed on the speech team. Other than building confidence, I improved my public speaking, and interview skills. 

Traveled to France for a 10-day exchange program, through the French Club in my high school. This sparked my passion for travel, language, and  learning about other cultures.

Chose Beloit after my best friend visited and immediately recommended the college to me. I was especially happy that both the Soccer coach and Choral director were willing to work with my schedule (because music and sports always overlap). When I met professors that told me about a place where you were encouraged to explore and find your own path, I knew very quickly it was the right place for me. 


Year 1

Joined the soccer team, which had some very skilled players. They understood the game in a way I did not, and my skills were not exceptional - so I was very proud when they voted me Most Improved Player! We accomplished and experienced a lot as teammates and a soccer community, and they were like family for me at Beloit.


Year 2

Took an Interdisciplinary Studies course in Artificial Intelligence (AI) taught by Professor Robin Zebrowski.

"[The AI course] explored AI from philosophical, computational, and cultural lenses, which felt like Beloit wrapped up into a course. We read about theories of consciousness, analyzed depictions of AI in media, and studied the history and challenges of AI. It was very challenging and just as fun, and coincidentally turned out to have a lot of relevance for a career in data analytics!"

Year 3

Worked on multiple, exciting research and consulting projects with Professor Jeff Adams, through Belmark Associates, (market research firm run by students) Projects such as a study of Beloit’s representation in local papers, and analysis of carbon credit laws and progress by state were my first exposure to the issues of data generation, collection, and application and proved immensely valuable when starting a career in consulting at a small firm.

Felt rather disconnected from the broader community (one of the unfortunate consequences of staying busy with hobbies), so I decided to join Tau Kappa Epsilon (fraternity on campus).

"I admire TKE’s philanthropy and community service, and soon learned they were not what I thought of as a stereotypical fraternity. I made great friends and connections that have stuck with me and inspired me to stay involved beyond my time at Beloit."

Year 4

Took some economics courses that really stand out.  Any course with Professor Bob Elder was a joy and his Econometrics course helped me get my first job.

My senior seminar with Professor Emily Chamlee-Wright studied the work of Upton Scholar Elinor Ostrom and the course was heavily centered around discussion and debate. It was an amazing opportunity to study the overlap of economics with other social sciences.

Public Policy with Josh Hall was great for similar reasons. This course gave us an opportunity to study past policy debates between prominent economic researchers and examine actual policy research, beyond the oversimplifications used in popular political discourse.

As a student who was more naturally inclined toward the mathematics side of econ, I loved the opportunity to study the subject from another perspective.

After Beloit

Found a consulting job with Mather Economics - the experience sparked my interest in analytics and helped me find direction in my career. The combination of math, creativity, and constant learning felt like everything I loved about the Liberal Arts, and I’ve been firmly anchored to analytics ever since! 

Currently, I am an analytic manager at Cardlytics for our bank partners such as Chase Bank. Our company supports rewards programs at major US banks, so their customers can receive cash back for spending with participating retailers, restaurants, etc.

"My responsibilities involve a mix of sending ongoing reporting, designing tests to better understand customer behavior, and forecasting the engagement and revenue impacts of various initiatives. We have several analytics teams, each with its own focus, so a typical week includes a lot of internal collaboration to implement and measure various initiatives or offer expertise from a bank perspective."