Before Beloit

Sports took up most of my time in high school (football & track) and I was always surrounded by friends. I was active in various clubs like the athletic council and our volunteering committee. Outside of school, I joined our Appalachia Service Project group, which helped build/renovate homes in lower income areas of West Virginia. Senior year I was fortunate enough to have been a teen leader. 

Chose Beloit College for the quality of education, ability to play football at the collegiate level, small ratio between students and faculty, diverse student body, and the variety of opportunities to help me stem out of my comfort zone. I knew Beloit would help me become a more well-rounded individual. 

“[...] explore and ask a lot of questions, get as much information as you can so you can make an informed decision that’s best for you!” 


Year 1

Won “Rookie of the Year” award on our football team. I had an incredibly tough time making the transition to Beloit my first year (primarily 1st semester) and had pretty much all of the normal issues an incoming freshman talks about, such as doubts about my decision to attend Beloit, putting myself out there to meet new people, and adapting to this new life away from home. Obtaining this award was one of my first personal accomplishments that started to build momentum in my mind that Beloit was the right choice. With all of this said, my academics were really poor…

"First-year students: take chances and push yourselves to do things that make you feel uncomfortable. It’s truly the best way to learn.”

Year 2

Started to understand “college” a little bit better and improved my grades sophomore year, making the Dean’s List! 

Discovered what major I wanted to pursue after taking Professor Diep Phan’s Principles of Economics course. It was the most interesting class and I felt very passionate about the material I learned so I went with my gut and chose Economics as my major (shoutout to my academic advisor, Professor Phan,for always supporting me throughout my time at Beloit!)

Joined Sigma Chi (Alpha Zeta) fraternity --made some of my closest friendships that will last a lifetime because of this decision.


Year 3

Short and simple, my biggest accomplishment junior year was…..passing Quantitative Methods with Professor Jeff Adams. Easily the hardest course I’ve ever taken and probably ever will take, but I learned the most! 


Year 4

Took Life & Financial Planning with Professor Warren Palmer and then I was the TA for the course --this solidified, in my mind, why Beloit College was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. My skills were always stronger in business and mathematics so econ and finance felt natural, but I wanted to know what the middle ground was. After learning about the power of investments and financial planning in the course, I knew finance was the career for me!


After Beloit

Took my first job was with Ameriprise Financial in Rockford, IL, as an entry level financial planning analyst. I used college resources like the Career and Community Engagement Center and networked. I obtained this position by applying online on a limb (it’s always worth throwing your resume in because you never know what can happen). 

Currently, I am a Central Supervisory Manager in the Supervision department of JP Morgan Securities, which oversees all of our financial professionals across the firm to ensure they are making suitable investment product recommendations for our clients while following the rules of our firm and the finance industry.

"Most of my education after Beloit was for industry licenses, such as the Series 7, Series 66, Series 9/10, and I obtained the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC) designation, which have all been helpful to my career and very interesting, but certainly not as interesting as my Beloit classes."